We Love Pickleball.

You'll love our paddles.

Amazing Equipment, Amazing Value.

At BALLR Pickleball, we’re not just another paddle company; we’re enthusiasts who are passionate about the game. Co-founded by Jeremy Grantham, Jason Moore, and Andy Holloway of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast and Spitballers Comedy Podcast, our journey began as a personal quest for quality and affordability. Our goal certainly wasn’t initially to pioneer a pickleball paddle business, but to create a paddle that we ourselves would love to use, without breaking the bank. After countless hours of research, design, and rigorous testing, we finally had something we loved using. However, we realized it was a wasted opportunity to just keep it to ourselves. So, we made the decision to launch BALLR Pickleball, determined to deliver this high-grade yet cost-effective equipment to our fellow pickleball players. We’re proud of our products and the value we provide, always championing the perfect balance between quality, performance, and affordability. Welcome to BALLR Pickleball – where we’re strengthening the game, one paddle at a time.

More than just great paddles...

Immediately after beginning this venture, we knew we wanted it to be an avenue to increase our charitable contributions and impact on this world. We have already personally been blessed with more than we deserve and are honored to commit to giving away more than 50% of all profits made, no matter how large the company scales. 

This is not mentioned as an attempt to elevate ourselves (because all the glory belongs to God), but to give you confidence that every purchase will not only provide you with a great product, but will also contribute to meeting humanitarian needs greater than our own.

Profits will be used to support such causes as:

We commit to giving away more than 50% of all profits made. We commit to stewarding the money to the best of our ability and dispersing how we deem most appropriate and impactful.