BALLR Tour Pickleball Duffle Bag



Now made from premium 100% vegan leather with durable, snag-free zippers!

The BALLR Tour Pickleball Duffle Bag is an expansive paddle bag utilized by casual and competitive players alike. It offers ample space for all of your pickleball essentials, making it the ideal companion for a day on the courts or as a carry-on during pickleball trips and tourneys. The Tour Duffle Bag comes packed with a plethora of features and compartments, including a robust hook for fence attachment and backpack straps that tuck away into a designated pocket when not in use. If you find yourself leaving your pickleball paddle in the car or playing in high temperatures, the thermal-lined compartments safeguard your paddles from excessive heat. Additionally, the vented shoe pocket is a fantastic feature for keeping your footwear separate and ventilated. All in all, the bag boasts around a dozen different storage compartments to satisfy even the biggest pack rats, keeping them prepared and ready for action.